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    Vidago Bali Massage
    110 MIN.
    Tradicional massagem balinesa, com técnicas de massagem profundas , com o objetivo reduzir tensão muscular, promover relaxamento e melhorar a qualidade do sono.

    Ayurvédica Massage – Abhyanga
    80 MIN.
    Abhyanga massage consists of the application of slow and precise techniques, realized by means of heated vegetable oil and manipulation in all directions of body and face tissues. This Massage aims promoting Health and well-being. Helps muscle fatigue, induces deep sleep, slows aging and eliminates joint stiffness.
    Indian Head Massage
    50 MIN.
    Relaxing back, neck and shoulders massage, followed by a relaxing massage to the scalp, relieves the accumulated tension as well as states of anxiety and insomnia.

    Ginger Compresses
    25 MIN.
    Using truly relaxing age-old techniques, the body receives an energetic stimulus that raises immunity, unblocks natural energy, eliminates toxins, promotes the circulation and relieves fatigue.

    Massagem Ayurvédica80 MIN.
    Holistic technique treats the body as a whole through vigorous sliding and stretching. Stimulates circulation, releases toxins, relieves muscle tension and energy blockages. Provides greater flexibility to the body, returning tranquility and a new general mood.

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