Physical exercise

    Instilling active habits in our daily lives assumes increasing importance in the maintenance of physical, psychic and cardiovascular health.
    The Vidago Palace Thermal Spa offers specialized technicians in the Exercise that after physical evaluation customize the training to your measure.
    It offers different activities that can be individual or in group, held in the Gym or in the magnificent Park of Vidago. Come on and try it!
    Personal Trainer - 50 minutes

    Our Personal Trainer will evaluate your level of physical ability in order to develop a training plan tailored to your needs.
    Individual or group classes.

    Aerobics - 50 minutes

    Activity that aims to improve the physical condition, enhancing the coordination capacity, the cardiorespiratory resistance and increasing the range of movements.

    Aerostep - 50 minutes

    Activity that uses the Step as equipment to improve the physical condition, strengthening the cardiorespiratory resistance, increasing muscular strength and coordination of movements.

    GAP - 50 minutes

    We offer an intensive training of buttocks, abs and legs for maintenance of the motor capacity, balance and posture. It promotes the health of the spine.

    Pilates - 50 minutes

    Pilates is a method of stretching and exercising that uses body weight allied to movement. It consists of natural exercises for the human anatomy, which help restore and increase flexibility and muscular strength, improving breathing and posture, thus avoiding injuries.
    Hydrotherapy - 50 minutes

    Physical activity performed inside heated water, aiming to improve the capacities of motor coordination, resistance and range of movements.

    Yoga - 50 minutes

    Originally from India, it is more than an old practice of exercise, it is a philosophy of Life! His techniques work the body as a whole, promoting balance between body and mind.

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