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    Exclusive Subscription Treatments

    The Vidago Palace Hotel Spa exclusive treatments have been developed to create a unique experience! Inspired by the splendid park that surrounds the Spa, the quality of the waters of Vidago and the know-how of our therapists, we can guarantee you a truly exclusive experience.

    Select yours:

    Shower Body Scrub50 MIN.
    The perfect combination between Vidago Waters , olive stone grains and exfoliating movements of the therapist.
    Mystic Massage80 MIN.
    Be enveloped by the magical sound of the Tibetan Bowls and a relaxing massage performed with products with unique anti-oxidant properties.
    Essential Hot Stone Treatment80 MIN.
    Experience the sensation of basalt stones, lightly heated in Vidago water, combined with a massage powered by the use of essential oils.

    Deep Golf Massage80 MIN.
    Intense massage designed especially for the most used muscle groups during the game of golf. Relieve them and improve your golf yield.

    For more information, contact us on 276990970 or send us an email at spareservations@vidagopalace.com
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