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    Therapies with Vidago Water

    Traditional therapies with Vidago Water are recommended for various therapeutic indications, including digestive problems, muscle pains and rheumatism, and nervous system, metabolic, cardiovascular and skin disorders. Vidago’s natural mineral water is recognised for its curative properties and used at the Vidago Palace Hotel Spa in personalised treatments and programmes, developed under the guidance of a specialist medical team according to the individual’s specific needs.

    Thermal treatments can be followed without being in a thermal environment; this practice is limited to two treatments per person however. Further treatments require consultation with our balneologist.

    The different treatments are spread across the following therapies:

    • Taking the Waters – thanks to its mineral-rich composition, drinking Vidago mineral water has alkalinising, diuretic effects and a positive action on the digestive system. The treatment usually has a minimum duration of 7 days, and can vary according to medical prescription.

    • Jet Shower – This is a shower directed at specific points that can be general or partial. It is a stimulant treatment that boosts muscle tone.

    • Immersion Bath – Simple immersion takes place in a tub of natural mineral water without any physical or chemical modification other than temperature. It is administered at between 36°C and 42°C for a period of between 10 and 20 minutes.

    • Hydromassage Bath – Hydromassage takes place in a special bath that uses jets with circuits that alternate to achieve the desired effect. It works to relax and oxygenate the muscles, achieving excellent results in rheumatic and muscular problems and against the effects of accumulated stress.

    • Jet Hydromassage – This is a type of hydromassage that uses an underwater jet, the force of which is attenuated by the water in the bath. It has a relaxing, unwinding effect, mobilising oedema and stimulating local circulation.

    • Vichy Shower – This is one of the most relaxing thermal treatments and consists of a body massage, which can be whole-body or partial, under the effect of several Vidago thermal water showers. This treatment combines massage techniques with the pressure exerted by the water jets. It releases built-up tension, stimulates the blood circulation and improves the elasticity of the skin.
    The duration of treatments ranges between a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 40 minutes; treatments are available in programmes of seven or 14 days. All include a medical and nutritional consultation.

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    For more information, contact us on 276990970 or send us an email at spareservations@vidagopalace.com
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