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    Body Beauty Treatments

    Body Scrubs

    Exfoliation of olive pit grains
    25 MIN.
    Revitalizes your skin, gives it shine and increases elasticity.

    Scrub Sea Salt and Lavender essential oil
    25 MIN.
    It combines the relaxing action of sea salt with the sedative effects of lavender.

    Honey, ginger and coconut milk scrub50 MIN.
    Honey is a natural antibacterial and moisturing. Helps combat acne states. Combined with ginger, coconut milk and a compound of the citrus Vitamin enriched leave their skin to prevent sagging and aging.

    Tri-Active Body Treatments

    Contour Shaper
    50 MIN.
    Sculpt your silhouette. This treatment drains and firm to help make your body more elegant. Rebel cellulite is minimized. Feel lighter.

    Body Firming Expert
    50 MIN.
    Healing of Youth for the skin. This treatment for the body acts both at the level of density and elasticity of the skin. Firmer, refund your body tonicity and skin flexibility.

    Moisture Quencher
    50 MIN.
    This pampering, intensely moisturizing Treatment provides a wonderful feeling of comfort hile restoring supple, velvety-soft skin from head to foot.

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