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    Ayurvédica Massage – Abhyanga
    80 MIN.
    Abhyanga  massage consists of the application of slow and precise techniques, realized by means of heated vegetable oil and  manipulation in all directions of body and face tissues. This Massage aims  promoting Health and well-being. Helps muscle fatigue, induces deep sleep, slows aging and eliminates joint stiffness.
    Reflexology 50 MIN.
    A treatment based on the theory that all the organs and systems of the human body have a correspondence with specific points on the foot. A localised massage that will provide a sense of general wellness, activating all your energy and leaving your whole body in perfect harmony.

    50 MIN.
    The literal meaning of shiatsu is "pressure with the fingers". Shiatsu technique uses the fingers, palms and forearms to apply pressure to specific points on the body, with the goal of correcting certain imbalances.

    Manual Lymphatic Drainage
    50 MIN.
    A specialist massage that consists of gentle manual movements, with light pressure and a constant rhythm. It stimulates the lymphatic system, helping eliminate toxins and excess fluid that has accumulated between the cells, reducing oedema and strengthening immunity and resistance to disease.

    Tradicional Acupuncture
    50 MIN.
    Stimuli are created at particular points by way of penetration with specific needles. Over the course of the session the system releases natural analgesics, like endorphins and serotonin, communicating with the brain to change states not in accordance with human nature.

    Ginger Compresses
    30 MIN.
    Using truly relaxing age-old techniques, the body receives an energetic stimulus that raises immunity, unblocks natural energy, eliminates toxins, promotes the circulation and relieves fatigue.