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    As the name suggests, this is the Vidago Palace Spa’s purifying programme, not only in the sense of detoxification for aesthetic reasons, but also in the sense of internal detoxification. It aims to achieve "body cleansing”, with the objective of equilibrium.

    The programme includes:
    • 7 nights’ accommodation
    • Spa Cuisine Menu applied to all meals during your stay.
    • Medical and nutritional consultation
    • Clinical tests    
    • Biometric assessment
    • Daily intake of Vidago water – the bicarbonate and magnesium present in our water stimulate digestion and intenstinal motility, helping to eliminate excesses.
    • 7 Thermal treatments to be prescribed by the doctor
    • 3 PT sessions (personalised)
    2 MLD – Manual Lymphatic Drainage – A programme designed to drain the lymphatic system responsible for storing toxins.

    1 Essential Detox Treatment – Body massage designed to be effective in promoting circulation, restoring equilibrium and releasing unwanted toxins.

    2 Detox Immersion – Using products rich in grapefruit, rosemary and juniper, this sensory immersion stimulates detoxification of the body.

    2 Ginger Compresses – Quite effective in activating the circulation of the blood, this treatment contributes to the stimulation of kidney function, helping purify the body and creating a unique sense of relaxation.