+351 276 990 900
    +351 276 990 900


    Nutrition and Balneology Consultations*

    Available on request, the nutritional advice provided at the Vidago Palace Hotel Spa is highly personalised and adapted to the dietary preferences of each customer, with the main objective of assessing nutritional needs and developing a food plan tailored accordingly.

    The Vidago Palace Hotel Spa prioritises a contemporary approach that combines modern practice with age-old therapies. With its sophisticated, forward-looking spa culture, based on an integrated vision of body & mind, it offers a calm and relaxing environment in which to enjoy innovative and personalised treatments, always providing the perfect treatment!

    Imparting an experience of wellness with personalised treatments is the main aim of the Spa, which offers a range of effective treatments that afford an unrivalled experience and, above all, rejuvenate body and mind!

    Other services
    • Medical and nutritional consultation
    • Thermal, Wellness and Beauty Treatments
    • Age-old therapies like pilates, yoga, tai chi, shiatsu, reflexology and Tibetan cupping.
    • Personal Trainer
    *A balneological medical consultation is required prior to therapeutic thermal treatment. For more information, contact us on 276990970 or send us an email at spareservations@vidagopalace.com