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    The Grand Ballroom

    Here, history reinvents itself every day!

    The Vidago Palace Hotel likes to receive guests well! And well means with elegance, sophistication, comfort, hospitality and excellent service. These values are at their most evident in the Grand Ballroom Restaurant. Imposing in scale, it is one of the most important apartments of the Vidago Palace Hotel. The ballroom, the biggest in existence at the time, has always been the scene for luxurious parties. With a majestic setting that is a listed monument, the Grand Ballroom gourmet restaurant is situated on the ground floor of the Vidago Palace Hotel, offering access to the garden of the main façade. A huge, hand-made, woollen Beiriz carpet frames the floor. The carpet’s design depicts large-format tiles with floral motifs in pink, cream and brown hues. Sofas and chairs form a series of small islands around the square tables of the restaurant to create intimate spaces, separated by tall plants.

    Traditional cuisine in an ambience of luxury

    On one side of the Vidago Palace Hotel’s Grand Ballroom restaurant you can appreciate two large niches hung with golden wallpaper depicting stylised birds and vegetation in watercolour that illuminate the ballroom with sunlight. Curtains of damask silk, in a blue-grey shade with coppery tints, adorn the windows of the Vidago Palace Hotel restaurant. An internal veranda frames this enormous ballroom as far as a large mezzanine with coffered ceiling and carved gilded beams. In the evening, the original chandeliers of bronze and crystal light the whole of the hotel’s restaurant. The grandiose proportions and gilded panels of the Vidago Palace Hotel’s Grand Ballroom create an enchanting atmosphere and make it just the place to enjoy a pleasant meal!

    Using local products, a refined cuisine from the Salão Nobre presents the traditional dishes of Northern Portugal that have been deconstructed and reinterpreted to offer a sophisticated taste of the region's best menu.

    Please note…

    Lunch: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: 12.30 am to 3.00 pm
    Dinner: Monday to Sunday: 07.30 pm to 10.30 pm

    Dress Code: Clothing according to the space´s elegance
    Casual / Elegant recommended

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