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    Four Seasons Room

    Ideal for extended conversations

    Located at the tip of the palace´s North wing under high ceilings, the Four Seasons room receives natural light in abundance during all the seasons thanks to its triple sun exposure. Designed in the style of a literary salon of the eighteenth century, has a setting that fosters conversations and other daily life rituals of an art of living.

    Two large wool rugs in shades of burgundy, made to measure, symmetrically cover the course wood plank floor. Capitoné velvet armchairs, sofas, bergèrés chairs, curved sofas and a circular leather bench, some rooster stand tables, and plenty of soft cushions make up an eclectic furnishings set and form various seating areas. The walls are lined with copper-coated silk paper (Gournay). The French windows that open onto the terraces are lined with stone color silks. Several painted silk Fortuny chandeliers continue the luminaires theme for the Bar.
    Hours of Operation:

    Opens from 11 am to 12.00 pm.

    Five o'clock tea - Everyday, from 4 pm to 6.30 pm

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