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    A Palace with Centuries of Tradition

    Located approximately one hour away from Porto, the magnificent spaces of the Vidago Palace Hotel afford an ambience of art worship and an atmosphere worthy of kings!

    Feel like royalty!

    Designed last century, during the reign of King Carlos I, the Vidago Palace Hotel was opened for the first time in 1910! With distinction, as one of the Leading Hotels of the World, the hundred-year old Palace now provides a luxury service of excellence and comfort. Inside the hotel, you are invited to enjoy one of the 70 magnificent Rooms & Suites, to savour the gastronomy of the majestic Grand Ballroom and to relax in the modern Thermal Spa, where the mineral water of Vidago – recognised for its exceptional therapeutic qualities – reigns supreme! In the park, the 18-hole Golf Course is ideal for a few rounds. Lastly, take a trip through this enchanted universe with a visit to the traditional springs or a bicycle ride along the many trails that provide a fantastic opportunity to observe the local wildlife. Discover the Vidago Palace Hotel – a hidden palace in the woods!

    Living legend

    Unique and exclusive, the Vidago Palace Hotel is the perfect combination of luxury and the natural beauty of a Centenary Park! Like an enchanted world, the Palace extends an invitation to enjoy unforgettable experiences, in a setting of sophistication and splendour imbued with the charm and romanticism of the Belle Époque. A place of unique attractions, the Vidago Palace Hotel reopened in 2010 with a mission to offer guests an authentic journey back in time. Its magical setting and architectural heritage have made it a living legend! A modern spa, golf course and top-flight restaurant complete an offering of excellence, making the hotel an undeniable point of reference. Discover this ‘world apart’, where you will find the poetry and magic of a truly special experience.

    Historical curiosities

    • The Vidago Palace Hotel was commissioned by King Carlos I, who wanted to build a luxury spa resort that could stand alongside Europe’s finest. At the time, the waters of the town of Vidago were considered an asset of national interest!

    • The Vidago Palace Hotel opened on October 6th, 1910, the year in which the first Portuguese Republic was established.

    • In 1936, the Vidago Palace Hotel became home to a 9-hole golf course, designed by the famous architect Philip Mackenzie Ross. The combination of a country estate with thermal treatments and a luxury golf course put the Vidago Palace Hotel among the most prestigious European resorts at the time of the Second World War.

    • In the 50s and 60s, the fame of the Vidago Palace Hotel grew thanks to the famous parties organised at the hotel.

    • The Vidago Palace Hotel closed in 2006 and reopened in 2010, a hundred years after its original inauguration. This historic hotel has acquired a new glamour and is once again playing a leading role in the Portuguese hospitality sector, setting standards of comfort and luxury for the 21st century.
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