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    Publituris Portugal Trade Awards 2016
    VOTE HERE! Voting closes on February 26, 2016
    It’s with great pleasure that we share with you that the Vidago Palace Hotel is, once more, nominated for the Publituris Portugal Trade Awards, in the category of Best Independent Hotel. The ceremony marks the beginning of the BTL- International Tourism Fair- and will take place on the 2 of March, for the 11 a.m., on the auditorium of the pavilion 1 of BTL. With more than 90 nominees in 14 categories, this award was created to distinguish the excellence in tourism and is assigned by the journal Publituris. This nomination pleases us and motivates us to continue proportionating unique experiences to those who visit us. 

    The Vidago Palace Hotel is proud to be nominated to three major international awards. The voting will take place at different times during this year. Although all the nominations, our hotel  maintains in a consistently way high levels of excellence in innovation and service. The friendliness and splendor are present characteristics in everyday journey of Vidago Palace Hotel. They mark several generations, that identify it as an emblematic place where history is constantly recreated.

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