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    Exclusive Gastronomy

    Authentic flavours

    The use of the highest quality products and ingredients from local producers makes Vidago Palace Hotel's gastronomic suggestions a unique gourmet experience. The concept of our cuisine is the recreation of traditional dishes, celebrating the best of this tourist destination.

    Personalised menus
    The Vidago Palace Hotel works with your gastronomic suggestions to create an emotional connection with your guests, offering a personalised experience with bespoke menus that reflect the tastes of each group.

    Superlative banquets
    Whether it be for a group of four or 400 people, inside or outside the hotel, the Vidago Palace offers an unrivalled service, with gastronomic suggestions provided to order that recall the finest restaurants.

    À la carte gastronomy
    The Vidago Palace Hotel offers a range of gastronomic experiences that include both healthy menus and meals of pleasurable temptation. The choice is yours! We have options to satisfy every member of your group.

    A restaurant for every taste!
    Every meal as a group should be a new and exciting experience. The Vidago Palace Hotel offers different spaces that afford exclusive experiences to guests and their companions. You can choose from elegant gala dinners in the majestic Grand Ballroom, wine tastings with tapas in the distinctive atmosphere of the Wine Cellar, sunset cocktails served on the terrace of the Four Seasons Room or a tasty sandwich by the pool with a view to the hotel’s carefully tended nature park. The Vidago Palace can also organise epic gastronomic experiences in unexpected places within the park, like the interior of the ‘island’ or the enchanting staircase of Thermal Spring no. 01.
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