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    ‘I am going to tell you about a marvellous kingdom …’ This is how the acclaimed Portuguese poet and author Miguel Torga refers to the lands beyond the Serra do Marão, in the far north of Portugal. Memorably beautiful, the region includes to the south the Alto Douro – a world heritage site – and to the north the extensive highlands of the ‘Terra Fria’ or Cold Country.

    Get to know the region in our company!

    With high standards of quality and hospitality, the Vidago Palace Hotel offers a wide range of services, including a variety of recreational and leisure activities! With us, fun and entertainment are guaranteed. Experience special moments and discover the best of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro in our company!

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    Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro

    Landscape is a gift of the region, granting the pure traveller the contrast between rocky crags and verdant slopes. Sierras that stretch away into the distance, lands that cradled ancient cultures. And nestling in their midst, one of the region’s most beautiful secrets… the Vidago Palace Hotel.
    The landscape not only nourishes the soul, but provides a host of delicious, traditional, Portuguese flavours for the table. This fusion of knowledge and customs is at the heart of a culture unique in the world, of which the hotel is an illustrious representative.

    From the terraces and banks of the River Douro, to the feast of local products typical of the north of Portugal, the province is the perfect amphitheatre for an unforgettable journey. The imposing Vidago Palace Hotel stands among century-old trees, in an enchanted park of 110 hectares, populated by characters who tell stories of a bygone age. Moments that carry the traveller through time to an age when magic is possible.

    It is here, in this Palace, built in the time of kings, that the journey truly begins. One moment in the surrounding woodlands, the next in the imposing interior that endows it with an authenticity and identity to be found nowhere else in the world.

    Approximately one hour from Porto, you find here everything you ever dreamed of: luxury and modernity in a period setting that offers a refuge of peace and well-being. Recognised decades ago as a thermal destination par excellence, at the Vidago Palace Hotel you will find the most advanced health treatments and relaxation techniques, an international standard golf course, and… gastronomy that is a real feast! Take the first step and come discover this ‘Marvellous Kingdom’!

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