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    The magic of the palace and the mystery of the park!

    The Vidago Palace Hotel is the dream that with our guests we turn into reality. Whether it be a long walk in the park, looking at the plants and watching the animals, a cocktail class or a delicious country picnic, there is a long list of fun things to do at the Vidago Palace Hotel!

    Everything that makes for happiness!

    At the Vidago Palace Hotel, find the comfort of special days and nights! All the time in the world in the delicacy and simplicity of gestures, with space to celebrate and have fun. This is the hotel where infinite horizons merge with tradition, wellness and everything that makes for happiness! The hotel offers privacy and tranquility, activities for couples or groups in the park, moments of calm, and sunset walks, hand in hand, with views to the mountains!

    What to do at the Vidago Palace Hotel:

    The Vidago Palace Hotel aims to ensure you have a memorable stay.


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