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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tradicional Chinese Medicine

50 MIN.
By placing specific needles are created stimulations at particular points. Throughout the session, the system releases natural painkillers such as endorphins and serotonin, communicates with the brain to change noncompliant states with human nature

Acupuncture + Massage
80 MIN.
Treatment of energy balance, combines two treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It begins with the placement of needles according to the objective to be treated and then with a massage

30/50 MIN.
Treatment based on the theory that all bodies, appliances or body systems have matching standing of specific points. A local massage, but it will provide a general well-being, activating all their energy, leaving your entire body in perfect harmony.

50 MIN.

Acupuncture recent technique used in order to maximize the effect of acupuncture for a variety of conditions. In electroacupunture there passing a pulsed current through the body tissues through acupuncture needles for purposes of enhancing therapeutic or analgesic effects.

TUI NA Massage
This massage is based on so theories of Qi (vital energy), Xue (blood) and Zang Fu (internal organs), and is guided by the theory of Jing Luo (meridians and collaterals)
50 MIN.