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Dinner Menu

Romantic Dinner Menu - 14th February

Journey through the 6 Moments of doomed by Chef Vitor Matos

Salmon"Sweet & Spicy”
Chili pepper/ Guacamole/ Citrus/ Oyster Sauce/ Yuzo/ Coconut/ Mango

"Black & White”
Scallops/ Herring Roes/ Parsnip/ Mushrooms/Champagne/Fennel

Within the Sea
Hake/Edible Crab /Xarém /Sea Urchin /Sea lettuce/ Seaweed

The "Terroir” passion
Regional veal/ Fermented garlic/ Carrots/ Oxtail Ravioli and its sauce/Chives/ Mushrooms

"Ruibarbo” plant/Raspberry /lychees/ Vanilla/ Lemon/ Kaffir lime

"I Love Strawberry Cheese Cake”
White chocolate/Mascarpone/ Strawberries/ Biscuit/ Candy Floss

Trick and Treat

Coffee & Tea


Romantic dinner, without drinks: € 90 per person
Romantic Dinner with a bottle of champagne for the couple: € 115 per person

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